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Name: France
Location: Western Europe
Time: IST (-) 4 1/2 hrs
Capital: Paris
French (official) 100%, rapidly declining regional dialects and languages (Provencal, Breton, Alsatian, Corsican, Catalan, Basque, Flemish).
Area: 543,965 sq kms
Population: 66,553,766 (July 2015 est.)
National Day: 14 Jul (Bastille Day)
Currency: Euro (EUR) 1 = INR 73.85.
A temperate climate in the north; northeastern areas have a more continental climate with warm summers and colder winters. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with some snow likely in winter. The Jura Mountains have an alpine climate. Lorraine, sheltered by bordering hills, has a relatively mild climate. Mediterranean climate in the south; mountains are cooler with heavy snows in winter. The Atlantic influences the climate of the western coastal areas from the Loire to the Basque region; the weather is temperate and relatively mild with rainfall distributed throughout the year. Summers can be very hot and sunny. Inland areas are also mild and the French slopes of the Pyrenees are reputed for their sunshine record.
Year 2015: New Years Day, 6 Apr Easter Monday, 1 May Labour Day, 8 May Victory Day 1945, 14 May Ascension Day, 25 May Whit Monday, 14 Jul Bastille Day, 15 Aug Assumption, 1 Nov All Saints Day, 11 Nov Armistice Day, 25 Dec Christmas Day.
Airline Name: Air Inter IT Air France AF
International Airports: Blagnac (Toulouse) (TLS) Cote d’ Azure (Nice) (NCE) Marignane Marseille (MRS) Satolas (Lyons) (LYS) Lesquin (Lille) (LIL) Orly (ORY) (Paris) Charles de Gaulle (CDG) (Paris)

Francevisa Regulations

France is a member of the Schengen Agreement, and visitors can apply for a Schengen tourist visa wherein they can stay here for a period of three months.

Visa Application Forms

The France Tourist form has to be completed by all the applicants carefully and accurately. The France visa application forms which are in PDF format are absolutely free of charge and can be downloaded from any authorized visa agents. Alternately, you can take the forms from the visa services of the Embassy of France in New Delhi, the Consulate General of France in Bombay and Pondicherry. For applying for France Visa for Indians you can contact reputed agents during their business hours. For Visa have following documents complete- 

  • Accurately signed and completed Form;
  • Passport with at least 90 days validity after the departure date from France with at least 2 blank pages. Make 2 at least copies of the total identification pages in the passport 
  • Vivid 3 1.4 by 1.7 inch or 3.5 by 4.5 cm sized passport photographs reveling your hairline and ears clearly. Your face needs to take up not less than 80 percent of the picture 
  • Hotel reservations or detailed tour it 
  • Authentic Proof of medical insurance coverage for the period you are visiting France.
  • Original bank statements in the last 3 months showing proof of funds 
    The France Visa Fees for each application is approximately $83or 60 Euros or INR 4800 subject to currency rate and can vary without prior notification. For the France Visa Fees the applicants in India will have to pay Service charge of INR 935 which is Inclusive of 12.36% tax. The visa fees is non refundable. You need to submit your visa application, payment documents and photos at your appointment. Generally the visa is processed in 15 to 20 working days. Do not include weekends, day of submission and national holidays.
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