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Name: The Republic of Bolivia
Location: South America
Time: IST (-) 9 1/2 hrs.
Capital: La Paz
Spanish (official) 60.7%, Quechua (official) 21.2%, Aymara (official) 14.6%, foreign languages 2.4%, other 1.2% (2001 census)
Area: 1,098,581 sq kms
Population: 10,631,486 (July 2014 est.)
National Day: 6 Aug (Independence Day)
Currency: Boliviano 1 (BOB) 1 = INR 9.20.
Bolivia has a temperate climate but with wide differences between day and night. The wettest period is November to March. The northeast slopes of the Andes are semi-tropical. Visitors often find La Paz uncomfortable because of the thin air due to high altitude. The mountain areas can become very cold at night.
Year 2015: New Years Day, 16 Feb Carnival, 3 Apr Good Friday, 1 May Labour Day, 4 Jun Corpus Christi, 6 Aug Independence Day, 1 Nov All Saints Day, 25 Dec Christmas Day.
Airline Name: Lloyd Aereo Boliviano LAB
International Airports: Viru- Viru ( Santa Cruz)(WI) El Alto ( La Paz)(LPB)

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